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Product Showcase / Nori Lights
« Last post by Tom Cole on August 09, 2016, 11:35:14 am »

As cool as it gets.  In order to keep from getting run over by a truck (I did) installing these rim lights (I didn't) will really help drivers see you.
Product Showcase / Electric Bike Solutions
« Last post by Tom Cole on August 09, 2016, 11:26:06 am »

This is where I bought my conversion kit back in 2013.  Doug knows his product and has a wealth of knowledge about ebikes.  You can be sure his kits will perform like he says.
Product Showcase / Stromer ST2
« Last post by Tom Cole on August 09, 2016, 11:17:29 am »

These folks do a great job with marketing.  I've seen this one in Time, Popular Mechanics, and The Wall Street Journal
Product Showcase / Trefecta Ebikes
« Last post by Tom Cole on August 09, 2016, 11:06:23 am »

These folks make some very nice native ebikes.  Almost a hybrid between a electric bicycle and an electric motorcycle
Rules and Instructions / Suggest a new section or sub groupings
« Last post by Tom Cole on August 09, 2016, 09:54:06 am »
The purpose of these classifieds is to help.  I know there are likely further needs with respect to categorization.  If you have a suggestion, please send me a message here on the forum and I'll do what I can.
Rules and Instructions / Read before posting or answering a classified ad
« Last post by Tom Cole on August 09, 2016, 09:43:08 am »
Watt Cycles is not responsible for establishing the identity of sellers.  That means it is the buyer's job to evaluate the terms of the sale to protect himself.

DEALERS ARE WELCOME!  If you sell ebikes and/or ebike accessories or work on ebikes, you can post items and your services here.

This for sale section is for the electronic bicycle community only.  If you are posting only (or mostly) items that have little or nothing to do with ebikes, you run the risk of getting banned with no warning.  Spammers be warned.

Post in the appropriate section!  We won't move your ad, we will delete it!

You MUST  be 18 or older to list items for sale here. If you list items here and are found to be under 18, you will be banned.

You MUST  have a profile filled out to POST a response to ads posted in the For Sale Sections.

You MUST  be 18 to POST a response to ads posted in the For Sale Sections.

You MUST  fill out your forum profile to sell something here.  If you fail to do so your listing will likely get deleted.  You will not get any other warning.

You may post a link to an ebay listing AS PART of your post here.  The post here needs to be complete and refer folks to the ebay listing.  Please post a link in your ebay listing back to the forum.

Here is one way of preparing your ad for a sale or want ad:

Please try to remember that when selling something people need to know the basics.

Detailed description
Where item is located
How much for item
How much for shipping
Contact info for seller

Just try to use some common sense when listing an item for sale and please FILL OUT YOUR PROFILE.
Put at least your first name in your signature line.

Please post "SOLD" or remove your topic when the item sells.

And one last reminder.  BUYER BEWARE!!!!  It is not this website's job to protect you from an unscrupulous seller.
Get a solid address, and talk to the person on the phone before you send them money, or give out your information.
We will ban people who are found to be fraudulent of ripping off members. But remember, we do not hold
any responsibility for sales gone wrong. Hence the amount of protection we TRY to incorporate into the site.
The rest is up to you.
Site Admin Announcements / Welcome! Please read this
« Last post by Tom Cole on August 09, 2016, 08:17:50 am »
The purpose of this forum is to bring together all things in the electronic bicycle world along with information about directly related technologies.  If you make an ebike, let's hear about it!  If you see information on the internet that others may want to know about cycling, electronic bicycles, bicycle commuting, off road ebikes etc, post links, pictures and other info.

I know there are other forums but they either cover more than just ebikes or they are mainly composed of one company's customers and product base.  This forum is primarily about ebikes, ALL ebikes.

Do you sell ebikes or conversion kits or batteries and other ebike accessories or plain bicycle parts, and accessories?  Feel free to let us know.  Yes, that means you can post ONE ongoing thread about YOUR STORE here, and add to it anytime, additionally, you can make a new post about announcing MAJOR new products you have to sell.  This site is not about promoting or supporting only one brand or type of ebike.  All are welcome.

One of the most valuable functions of this forum is the FREE classified advertisement section.  USE IT!

Above all, show respect for one another here.  Act like you've got some sense and you won't have a problem.  This is not a "free speech" zone.  Think of it as a big party at my house.  Get too rowdy and you'll be shown the door.  And don't expect an explanation.   DO NOT SPAM THIS SITE!!!  That means posting any type of inappropriate stuff.  You'll get kicked and banned and reported to the "stop forum spam" database.
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